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The Seattle real estate market, especially when looking at Townhomes and Condos for sale, has been very interesting lately. Statistics show a near 30% gain in value from March 2012 - March 2013! Is this a false number driven by a high percentage distressed property listings a year ago, and now seeing more turnkey Townhomes and  Condos being listed as of late? Could it be the pent up demand of quality buyers who have been waiting for the Seattle Condo and Townhome market to really hit bottom, now jumping on the still record low interest rates? Yes, and yes. So how can you best position yourself whether your interest is selling or buying a Townhome or Condo in Seattle, WA. Well, we would love to help you with that. See, every ultra local area has different demand ratios driving the market. We will help explain what all that means to you, show you the numbers and fully inform you to make a quality decision in buying or selling your Townhome or Condo. Fill out the form below or give us a call to get the information from the experts so you can make informed and empowered decisions.

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